How Your People address the key NPO challenges

As an NPO, your challenges in regard to member engagement, experience, and retention are common across NPO’s in most sectors. To a degree, trade associations have different challenges to individual based associations, and therefore may need a tailored approach in some aspects of their service delivery. All NPO’s are faced with ensuring that their value proposition is compelling and relevant, as the demographics of their membership and the population in general changes.

Your People has focused on providing a flexible solution that, as far as possible, addresses the challenges faced by a modern NPO. Below we cover some of these key issues and how Your People helps address them.  

Growth and Acquisition

50% of trade associations report decreased or unchanged membership over past year

Common challengesHow Your People help
Inflexibility in membership typesTiered memberships at the individual or company level. The online registration process leads the applicant through the process, gathering the necessary information for the membership type being applied for (student, professional, company etc). All applications can be staff reviewed prior to full activation.
Difficulty in communicating value or benefitsFlexible membership packaging is designed to respond to new market conditions, give members more options, and competitively price membership, helping to demonstrate a clear cost-benefit/value proposition. Highly functional member portals for community interaction, events registration, CPD management, learning management show clear engagement opportunities.
Difficulty in identifying/contacting prospectsYP work with B2B data suppliers globally and can support the organisation in acquiring acquisition campaign prospects in the target industry sectors. YP’s unique built-in segmentation tool allows highly targeted campaigns to be built using members or prospects alike.
Difficulty in determining the effectiveness of email campaignsYP’s built-in marketing module allows multiple scheduled targeted email campaigns to be easily created and scheduled. Full analysis of campaign performance (open/click rates) is available in real-time via dashboard or detail reports
Economic considerations deter members joiningMembership dues payment by card, or multi-instalment direct debit reduces the initial outlay. Vouchers for discounted dues can be used as incentives.
Lack of staffYour People’s online registration allows prospective members to fully self-serve their application. Automated welcome emails and invoices are generated, and if required, staff can review and approve/reject applications via their AMS login.


20% of trade associations report decreased renewal rate in past year

Common challengesHow Your People help
Lack of engagement is #1 reason for non-renewal in trade associationsMembers need a reason to interact with your organisation, and ideally you want that interaction to be a part of their daily work life. Your People’s highly functional member portals such as community board, CPD management, events news, and integrated learning portal* are clear reasons for members to make your organisation part of their daily work life
Lack of perceived value is #4 reason for non-renewal Your People member portals can provide a wide range of useful and beneficial features giving access to like minded community members, relevant resources, professional development and learning tools, and easy access to events for review and registration online.
Economic considerations deter members renewingMembership dues payment by card, or multi-instalment direct debit reduces the initial outlay. Vouchers for discounted dues can be used as incentives.


34% of trade associations say poor data hygiene and accuracy is their most significant data challenge

Common challengesHow Your People help
Poor data hygiene and accuracyYour People’s on-boarding process can include comprehensive data cleaning, enhancement, and hygiene processes. This can cover demographic standardisation, de-duplication, address correction, do-not-call flagging of prospects.
Lack of demographics on members and prospectsCompany member record demographic enhancement can include appending of industry codes, company size, turnover
Lack of marketing results trackingBuilt-in dashboard and detail reporting of email based marketing campaign performance delivers clarity
Inadequate dashboardsLive dashboard reports keep staff informed about the membership, events, marketing, financials and more.

Your People is not an old legacy software that’s been re-skinned. It’s been built from the ground up by working with real associations to understand their issues, needs, and challenges. We can help your organisation succeed in a continuing evolving world. Get in touch to find out exactly how.

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