Outlook Plug-in Released

Many organisations use Outlook as their preferred email client. Being able to easily log incoming or outbound emails against a member record is something that can be crucial in maintaining a full communications log.

Naturally, all transactional emails such as invoices are automatically logged against a member record, but what about emails handled in Outlook?

Your-People’s new Outlook plug-in makes this very easy to do. Once installed, a new tab appears in the toolbar of your Outlook emails. When an email comes in from a member, the content is added to the member record with 1-click. Similarly any email sent to a member from Outlook is also added with just a click.

If an inbound email is associated with one of your outbound email marketing campaigns, that information is also recorded on the member record for complete response reporting.

Our Outlook plug-in is free to all users, so get in touch to find out more.

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