Targeted Marketing for ROI

Effective marketing is all about communicating the right offering, to the right prospect, at the right time. If done effectively such a strategy can result in better response (and hence revenue) for lower expenditure.

This question is how to achieve this. Typically we can look at two clear features of our target audience – demographics, and behaviour. Person demographics refer to attributes such as gender, age, occupation, or income. Company demographics may include location, industry, or company size.

Behaviour at the individual level can include renewal recency, annual spend (on event, products etc), or CPD planning. Obviously behavioural information is only available for members, not prospects, however, profiling of segments of the membership can yield useful insights into the profile of the best prospects for a given campaign.

Simple and intuitive. Build targeted selections in seconds

With Your People, targeting your campaigns with precision is simplicity itself. Our integrated selection and export tools provide Point & Click segmentation of the membership by any chosen attribute, with instant counts. For example, creating a campaign of members interested in legislative issues (which you know because they opened a recent email you sent regarding such issues, or viewed relevant resources), that have attended an event in the past year, can be created, viewed, and exported to campaigns, with just a few clicks.

When it comes to new member acquisition, the same level of simplicity applies. For example, selecting managing directors in engineering companies, over 100 employees, in the Midlands, that are not current members, is a matter of a few clicks. Instantly preview the list, then add it to your campaign for mailing or email.

By harnessing the power of Your People’s unique selection and segmentation capability, in no time, you’ll be running campaigns that deliver a new level of marketing effectiveness that will cost effectively benefit your organization’s revenue stream.

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