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Your People is flexible, so it’s simple to add features as you go along, and we can easily grow with your association's needs. No-one knows exactly what the demands of managing your membership will be in five years, so it’s great to know that decisions made early on won't limit you later. Find out more about our features here.


Flexible Around Your Business

Your organisation probably doesn’t know exactly what the demands of managing the membership will be in five years time. However, you do know that you want to get started with enjoying the benefits of modern membership management software. With Your People it’s not a problem, as it can easily grow with your association’s needs.

Our team have the capability to integrate your system with most best of breed 3rd party tools such as Mailchimp, Sage, Google Analytics, Eventbrite, Xero or Freshbooks, as well as powerful reporting solutions such a Qlik, Tableau and more.

Adding additional features as your needs change is simple, so a decision early on won’t limit you later.
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The setup process

While other companies will often simply activate your software and hand you a manual, leaving you to figure everything out on your own, we understand how that leads to frustration, wasted time, and a poor user experience.

Our proven setup process uses a sequence of distinct phases to ensure that your requirements and expectations are met in full and that your users get the best possible solution.

The Discovery Phase

We engage with your stakeholders to determine requirements and map these to functionality.

The Building Phase

We migrate your data, configure custom fields, member types, registration forms, payment gateway, and integrations such as accounts.

The Testing Phase

Often known as User Acceptance Testing (UAT) we work with your users to train them and verify all aspects of the system operate correctly.

The Go-Live Phase

We migrate the organisation's latest data into the system for the users to begin real world use of the system.

The Post-Go-Live Phase

We provide on-going support & training to your users as they become used to the system.

The cost of setup is dependent upon your requirements, including 3rd party integrations, and is determined once the discovery phase is complete. Setup costs can be spread evenly across the first year.

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