LMS Integration with Your People

With the current pandemic situation making the delivery of physical learning courses impossible, online delivery has become the only option for some time to come. Even before the pandemic, Your People took onboard the importance of remote online learning to many Not-For-Profits.

We have partnered with leading Learning Management System (LMS) solution provider Absorb https://www.absorblms.com. Absorb empowers organizations to train members with the skills needed to stay modern and relevant in today’s fast-paced world.

Through the Absorb API we are able to seamlessly integrate the LMS and the Your People membership management platform to deliver several key benefits;

1. Single sign-on to the LMS from the Member Dashboard

2. Ability to enroll for courses from within Your People, for use in the LMS

3. All information about the courses a member is enrolled on, their hours of activity, completion percentage, and test or exam scores are all visible and reportable within Your People.

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