How we help in COVID times

The advent of COVID-19 has presented not-for-profit organisations with many new challenges that will have an immediate impact on member value/engagement, and will have a future impact on member retention.

Meeting these challenges may require significant changes to the way an organisation operates, and fully leveraging the capabilities of their membership management solution, and the data therein, will be a key area of support.

At Your People we have always aimed to provide the tools that allow organisations to work efficiently and effectively in all areas of membership engagement, communication, and management. All of our member features are simply plugged into your website with just a code snippet.

Here we aim to highlight challenges common to many organisations, and explain how Your People make meeting those challenges that much easier.

Protecting Revenue

With the rise of the pandemic, many organisations have seen membership cancellations, as well as a fall off in new member acquisition.

In this situation, the ability to communicate and showcase membership benefits/incentives, and create targeted personalized email campaigns for retention, and acquisition is crucial. The unique segmentation capability within Your People means that targeting your communications to the right audience, at the right time, couldn’t be easier. Segmenting your data, not only demographics such as member type or renewal date, but by behavioral attributes, such as event attendance, content consumption, or learning course attendance, means favorable communication outcomes are far more likely.

Your People user organisations can also opt to have access to over 2 million UK named business contacts for targeted acquisition campaigns, directly from the marketing module. The additional capability to generate and issue discount coupons for use in the registration process adds an element of incentivisation.

Donations can also play a role as an important revenue stream for many organisations. Your People can plug card or direct debit based donation capability, directly into your website.

Payment methods also pay a part in retention. There is clear evidence that subscribers that pay by direct debit rather than card, have a much higher retention rate. Your People integrates with the paperless Direct Debit platform Go-Cardless to allow your members to choose to pay for dues via direct debit.


Members or prospects need a good reason to come to your website, and engage with your organisation. In the new way of working, members need to feel supported by having access to compelling, and relevant, online resources that help them perform their own role effectively.

Your People delivers features that benefit members, and encourage them to visit your website on a daily basis


Our resource centre can be used to publish content relevant to different sectors of the membership. Videos, podcasts, recorded webinars, documents and more can be uploaded, and the audience specified (member, non-member, member type etc)


Our comprehensive events module allows virtual (or physical) events to be setup and published easily to your website, with online payment (if required), and easy sign up for one-off events such as webinars

Online Learning and CPD

Your People offers members a comprehensive online Continuous Professional Development portal that allows members to create and manage their professional development plan within their member dashboard. We also integrate with Learning Management Systems to provide single sign-on access to your preferred LMS, as well as enrolment and activity reporting within the member record.

Community/Workgroupsour community portalfacilitates groups within your membership to collaborate, and encourages information sharing and support within the group. With message boards, download centre, and community events, members within a group benefit from the collective resource.


Nobody knows for sure how long the pandemic situation will continue, or what the landscape will look like once its over. One thing is for sure, not-for-profits will need to consider new ways of working, engaging with members and prospects, and ensuring that their member benefits are clear, comprehensive, and relevant.

Your People are at the leading edge of providing the tools to enable organisations to meet these challenges. Get in touch to find out more.

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